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Artist-photographer, I like to capture urban architecture from here and elsewhere; and constantly compose with the black which structures the space, reveals the light and sublimates the forms... At the heart of my work, the aesthetics of black allows me to transcribe and organize feelings, atmospheres, reflections and report from a single point of view.
Well beyond the cliché, my artistic approach is close to the visual artist. Thus, I strive to select the best paper for each photo, to regularly test new supports for my prints or even to mix different techniques to develop exclusive finishes.

My photos are printed in 12 copies + 1 artist's proof maximum, all formats combined. All my prints are made under my control by professional laboratories (Picto in Paris and Mike Muka in Brussels in particular) and my frames and finishes are made in my workshop or at partner craftsmen.

For more information or to acquire a work, contact me
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